The Swazi People Shall Lead All shall have the right to take part in the administration of the country Swaziland is a home to all who live in it Join NOW
There Shall Be Peace and Harmony All disputes shall be settled through negotiations and not force. Only and only the People of Swaziland shall determine their own political and socio-economic future. Join NOW
Educate Mobilise Liberate The people shall enjoy equal treatment irrespective of tribal affiliation All Swazi nationals shall fully be protected against insults to their traditional pride Join NOW

Terms and conditions

  1. Definition: Sponsor means the entity sponsoring the Swaziland Liberation Movement and its projected activist. It includes Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
  2. All sponsors are required to lodge their preferences with the political movement via email using the designated application form.  The designated personnel of the Political Movement (SWALIMO) then notifies the sponsor which preference is successful following which the sponsor then offers its sponsorship, which is then accepted by the representatives of the Movement on its behalf. 
  3. The Movement retains the right to reject any sponsor that it deems inappropriate or unsuitable. 
  4. After written acceptance by the Political Movement’s representatives issuing a tax invoice, the sponsor must provide an image of their logo in the format required together with other requested details within 10 days of receipt of acceptance. (This will be in line with the selected or preferred sponsorship package). 
  5. The acceptance of the application shall be at the discretion of the SWAZILAND LIBERATION MOVEMENT, and upon acceptance, becomes a contract. By completing and signing the application, the undersigned agrees to comply with, and be subject to, the terms and conditions contained in this document.
  6. One Hundred per cent (100%) of the sponsorship must be paid within 10 Days of invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the SWAZILAND LIBERATION MOVEMENT. 
  7. All sponsorship materials must be submitted to the SWAZILAND LIBERATION MOVEMENT as agreed on between the parties. 

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Latest News

January 22 2023 9:47:15 AM
*MEDIA STATEMENT* The assassination of Thulani Maseko is not only a crime to his person and family, but also against the people of our country as a whole. Those responsible for this indescribable act of barbarism and hooliganism have drawn the battlelines against the people in our country. Maseko has spent his life fighting for a just society. Consistent with this, he has been playing a central role in the common effort to arrive at a dialogue to address democratic reforms in the country; including encouraging a spirit of tolerance among our all our people. He is a victim to the cause of justice and peace; hence, his death demands of us that we pursue that cause with even greater vigour and determination. It also demands that we as one people act together decisively with unity, discipline and determination and nothing can stop us. Any disunity is trembling on the values that Thulani stood for and let his memory b...